Vice President, Legislative Regulatory Counsel
John Euwema

As a general counsel and chief compliance officer to several nationwide life and health and property and casualty companies, John has extensive hands-on experience with the regulatory schemes for numerous products including those in the consumer credit, service contract, and motor club industries.

As VP, Legislative Regulatory Counsel, John provides and advocates CCIA positions on state and federal issues. John assists members with regulatory requests, conducts weekly conference calls to update members on new regulations and legislation and provides a forum for member issues, and publishes a weekly bulletin of relevant political, economic, and consumer articles. John also supports several CCIA member product committees and the law committee.

Director of Operations
Stephanie Neal

As the Director of Operations, Stephanie is the primary interface for the CCIA members. She organizes and maintains membership directories and committee rosters, provides and updates access to the member website, and accepts and tracks all membership dues.  She is also the CCIA Meeting Planner for the three Board and Committee Meetings and the Annual Meeting.  As the Meeting Planner, she researches and selects the appropriate properties, negotiates rates and contracts, and coordinates with hotel staff through completion of each meeting.

As Treasurer, Stephanie’s responsibilities include the creation, as well as continuous management of the operational budget, financial reconciliation of the Association’s bank accounts to the general ledger, and ensuring compliance with all laws and regulations through collaboration with CCIA’s external accounting and auditing firms.  She also reviews and approves the financial reports provided by the accounting firm prior to presentation to the Board and Executive Committees.

Additionally, Stephanie serves as Webmaster, having conceived of the design and helped develop the content of the CCIA public, and member websites. Stephanie maintains all content, updating design and layout as necessary to keep pace with the growing association and ever changing industry landscape.  This work includes the ongoing integration of all previous web site data. She also oversees the email and web hosting services for the Association.

Stephanie serves as the CCIA liaison to the Credit Insurers Association.