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Mission Statement

To preserve, promote and enhance the availability, utility and integrity of insurance and related products and services delivered in connection with financial transactions.

Providing advocacy and insights to its members and stakeholders, CCIA works every day to enhance consumer financial security by preserving the availability, value and integrity of CCIA member products such as credit insurance, debt protection, Guaranteed Asset Protection, service contracts and the collateral products suite.


The Consumer Credit Industry Association (CCIA) was organized in 1951 to be the trade association of insurance companies underwriting consumer credit insurance products sold by lenders and assuring loan repayment in the event of debtor death or disability. The scope of CCIA activity evolved as new insurance products were introduced to the marketplace such as credit property and credit unemployment insurance.

Continuing in its endeavor to provide for consumer financial security, industry providers introduced non-insurance debt and asset protection products in the decades that followed. As member companies began underwriting and servicing non-insurance debt and asset protection programs, such a GAP and Service Contracts, CCIA formally expanded its scope of supporting services.

In 2007, CCIA changed its name to Consumer Credit Industry Association to reflect these insurance and assurance products offered by its member companies.  By the end of 2016, CCIA has grown in scope by adding motor clubs and the collateral products suite to its service offerings.

Today, through its advocacy and insight capabilities, CCIA has the honor to serve its member companies that provide consumer financial security to over 50 million households* nationwide.

*Industry data, 2014.