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Your Value — CCIA’s core goal is to help your business thrive for your customers, your firm and your employees. For a modest investment, you get value from three main services:

  • Advocacy. We advance the CCIA Member company agenda at state and federal levels, and in the media. We do the work for your team while your firm can remain anonymous in the process.
  • Insights. Our information services enable your company to stay aligned with requirements, plan ahead for changes. Your firm can resolve specific issues by contacting us for research and expertise.
  • Enhance & Influence. Your team can enhance your business through our peer-venues and industry contacts and your team can drive change by participating on issues-focused Committees and/or Working Groups.

Your Investment — Our members invest in the form of dues that they view as more than offsetting the value received.  Members engage in our services and proceedings to optimize benefits for their company and the industry.

  • Staff. Engage in the weekly calls and face-to-face committee meetings (2x per year). Board of Directors commitments may be available for executives of member firms. From time to time, member company leadership is also engaged directly with advocacy execution. You determine the level of engagement for your firm.
  • Monetary. A strong trade organization helps make your voice heard and assure the health of the industry for members and their customers. The value of CCIA services is estimated at $250,000 annually per company should a firm devote similar resources on its own. Annual dues depend on the services offered by your firm. Contact CCIA Staff today to join.

Membership Composition – CCIA members range from those taking risk, to administration, to sales and those that provide services to the industry, including:

  • Insurer and Obligor Members assume risk in connection with transactions involving the products, either as insurer, reinsurer or the direct obligor to consumers of the product.
  • Administrator Members are non-risk taking companies that provide administrative services in connection with the products, such as managing general agents and third party administrators.
  • Producer Members are composed of lenders, retailers, auto dealers and other outlets that market and sell the products to consumers.
  • Motor Club Members are companies that design, sell and administer motor clubs to consumers or as a benefit of a product.
  • B2B Service Provider Members provide business-to-business services to industry participants in connection with the products, such as actuarial, legal, forms and information system services.
  • Agent and Broker Members purely sell products to Producers and do not provide administrative services.

Assure a prosperous future for your firm and contact us to join today!