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Credit Disability Insurance

(Benefit Amount/Total Benefit Paid to Date)

"The $100.93 is a big help to me. . . I have too many bills and not enough money."

Raynell W.Pittsville, MD ($100.93/$1,443.28)

"The $205.33 was important to me because we need money to pay [the] phone or electricity and buy food. Thank you. . . "

Julio P.Mission, TX ($205.53/$6,951.88)

"It has helped me tremendously. If it wasn't for this disability insurance, I don't know how, at this moment, I would be meeting some of my financial responsibilities. Thank you for giving people like myself the opportunity to get this insurance. Thank you."

Arturo C.Mission, TX ($675.35/$5,040.63)

"Of the satisfaction with the prompt service displayed by [insurance company name] to recognize the importance of the customer's disability coverage when needed."

Brian P.New Castle, PA ($181.36/$850.93)

"I'm unable to work a full time job with full time pay, so it helped me to pay my bills, and I appreciate it."

Nancy T.Salem, VA ($365.96/$9,444.22)

Credit Involuntary Unemployment Insurance

(Benefit Amount/Total Benefit Paid to Date)

"I was laid off from my job after 10 years of service. My only source of income is Unemployment, which is barely enough to make ends meet. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have Unemployment Insurance coverage."

Mechile S.Shelby, NC ($466.38/$2,377.45)

"Although I am currently receiving some government benefits, it is only a portion of what I need to take care of a family of four. With the insurance benefits, I have $242.00 that is able to go towards past due bills, gas, food, 1st mortgage, water, etc. I thank God that I made the choice of paying $18.00 a month for the insurance."

Edriece L.Flint, MI ($242.35/$1,775.20)

"Up until our company closed down, I always paid my bills. [lender name] helped me out when I needed it, and they deserve to get their money back. That's why it was important to me to get this insurance, although I didn't expect to become unemployed. I gladly paid the premiums whether it would be needed or not."

Rafael D.Oak Lawn, IL ($531.80/$1,276.32)

"It would have been a strain, [due to my] inability to pay without insurance. I'm glad I got it years ago. Thank you."

Tom B.Roseburg, OR ($293.85/$1,821.88)

"After being laid off from my job, my Unemployment and TRA benefits are a greatly reduced amount [from what] my paychecks were. With my payments being made, I can use my Unemployment/TRA benefits for the really important bills, such as rent, groceries and so on."

Jennifer W.Sheridan, MI ($191.55/$1,245.08)

Credit Property Insurance

(Benefit Amount/Total Benefit Paid)

"I don't have that kind of money to pay for my car to get fixed. Because of you, I can get my car fixed and be able to go to work. I'm really thankful that you were able to help me. You kept this from being a very stressful situation. Thank you!"

Pamela B.Patton, PA ($2,936.99)

"[It] helped pay for the loss of our car, to be able to get another car . . ."

Samuel A.El Paso, TX ($6,400.00)

"We were victimized by a car thief. It was important to get our car back in operating condition."

Kathleen C.Houston, TX ($1,775.62)

"Once I had the 2 estimates turned in, it didn't take very long to get my Jeep repaired and everything went very smooth and hassle free."

Clayton G.Mechanicsburg, PA ($3,468.85)

"I would have had nothing to show for that car and its contents if not for this payment. It was completely a total loss. Thank you!"

Lori D.Oakes, ND ($1,725.00)

Debt Cancellation – Disability

(Benefit Amount/Total Benefit Waived to Date)

"It allowed me to use limited funds to satisfy my household bills and to support essential family needs. It also allowed me to preserve a good credit rating and fill the void that my former income would have met."

Herbert D.Rembert, SC ($333.91/$15,025.95)

"Without it, I would have struggled making my house payment. Now it gives me time to be retrained and get another job."

Douglas B.Annadale, MN ($1,165.08/$22,136.52)

"I cannot express my gratitude to [bank name] for the attention they gave to my Payment Waiver Program. It was a God send, and I will forever be grateful to all of you. Everyone was so courteous and professional when I called or was called. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Mary B.Morristown, TN ($381.11/$9,146.64)

". . . without this [benefit], we wouldn't be able to stay in our home. This is a great help and comfort to myself and [my] wife."

Larry P.Deadwood, SD ($1,087.99/$9,791.91)

"I didn't have an income while on medical leave for injury. I [tell] others to make sure they have [Payment] Waiver on their mortgage. Thank you."

Barbara P.Houston, TX ($420.47/$2,943.29)

Debt Cancellation Involuntary Unemployment

(Benefit Amount/Total Benefit Waived to Date)

"The Payment Waiver benefit was of great benefit to me during the time I was unable to meet my obligation. I am very grateful for this assistance."

Briselda R.Alamo, TX ($570.74/$2,282.96)

"While out of work, and look[ing] for another job, I have peace of mind. Knowing that my house payment was covered, and I had money to pay other bills."

Doris B.Elon, NC ($512.25/$3,585.75)

"I was able to pay other bills with the money I normally would pay my mortgage with. I was glad I chose to take out this benefit on my loan. It has been a blessing to me since I am unemployed and seeking employment."

Raye H.Houston, TX ($774.97/$1,549.94)

"It helped me through the transition of losing my job. It also provided a means of retaining my home without pressure until I sold my home, which was my choice. Your company is a God send. Thanks."

Jacquelyn S.Kansas City, MO ($451.03/$1,804.12)

"I would not be able to meet my bills in full, having medical bills, children and utilities to pay. My savings would have been totally gone by now. This benefit has truly been a great help to me and my family. All my friends didn't even know a benefit like this existed. I am truly grateful for you people at [bank name]. You do things right for America."

Anthony E.Bolingbrook, IL ($1,450.22/$11,601.76)